With the rise of globalization and, as an effect, outsourcing, fast fashion has grown in popularity and accessibility. While this trend provides consumers with greater accessibility to affordable fashion trends, it also comes with significant costs.

In the past few years, studies have revealed that clothing produced via various fast fashion brands contain elevated levels of toxic chemicals. While legislatures have tried to regulate these issues, the existing laws fall short of protecting consumers from these harmful chemicals.

To address this issue and better regulate the industry, the United States needs a widespread solution. U.S. legislatures must look to other regions who have already started regulating the issue at hand. The European Union has adopted an extensive and effective approach to handle this issue. Additionally, Assembly Bill A7063 from New York provides guidance and precedent of how a state in the United States can prohibit the manufacture, distribution, or sale of apparel containing certain substances. Combined, these regulations will provide a detailed solution to protect American consumers.

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